October 12, 2017

New Subscription Option


To My Dear Patients,

We are very excited to announce some new changes that we are bringing to Soliman Care Family Practice Center.

As you probably know, with all the changes in the healthcare system, it has been really difficult for physicians now to deliver true quality health care as well as maintaining a personalized quality medical practice.

As a patient you can only receive the best modern medicine has to offer when you and I have sufficient time to spend together. Unfortunately, the traditional healthcare system is telling physicians to spend less and less time with their patients.

Over the years I have tried to provide a very personalized and comprehensive style of practice. I believe medicine can only be practiced by having enough time to truly listen and really understand your patients. This has always been my goal, and this is why I went into primary care.

With that said, we are excited to offer additional services to our practice that will be of great benefit to you.

We want to introduce to you our premium member subscription program effective November 1st, 2017.

We are offering our patients a subscription service that will be a unique and affordable monthly membership based program that allows Dr. Shahinaz Soliman and her staff to provide enhanced care.  This will extend our current primary care practice even further in providing compassionate, intelligent, and innovative care while maintaining our traditional values.

For a limited time only on a first come, first serve basis (there is limited available spaces in this program), we are now offering our brand new Premium Membership Program (PMP) for  Soliman Care Family Practice, which includes:

  • Same Day Appointments.
  • Guaranteed Appointments With Dr. Soliman.
  • In-Office Phlebotomy (Blood Draw) For Members Only.
  • 24/7 Communication with Medical Team.Including texting.
  • Hospital Follow Ups to Medicare, PPO and HMO Patients.
  • Participation In Our Weight Loss Program, Mental Health Management Program, and Healthy Living Program
  • 3 Complimentary Video Consultations/Month (Compare at $400 Value.)
  • Patients Home Visits*.
  • 20% off On Cosmetic Treatments.
  • Hair Loss Treatment Program With 25% Discounts.

This extra benefit will in no way affect your current insurance or your care.  If you don’t wish to subscribe to our premium members program, that will not affect your primary care in any way.  We will still provide the same health care to you that you always experienced.


Monthly Subscriptions:


Individual Monthly: $99/month



Couple Monthly: $149/month



Family Monthly: $249/month



Annual Subscriptions:


Individual Annually: $1,188/ year



Couple Annually : $1,788.00/year



Family Annually: $2,988/year




Thank you for being our patient,

Shahinaz Soliman, MD and Staff